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When you contract with QCM, you’ll notice a distinct difference in how we do business:  Our commitment is to act as your partner:  someone who will listen to your needs and respond quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.  Whether you’re looking for a quotation, prototype and/or production assemblies, or simply an adjustment to your delivery schedule, QCM has highly skilled employees trained to meet your requests, individually or as part of a team.  Clearly defined responsibilities within our assembly groups and constant communication of manufacturing requirements form the foundation of a work environment designed to ensure your complete satisfaction.


A Partner Dedicated to Quality.

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Dedicated to Quality...

QCM team members are trained to provide the highest quality assembled products, confirmed by the first piece as well as 100% final inspection.  In house tracking of material, assembly histories and inspection processes are meticulously recorded for accurate traceability and review.  We continuously strive to implement improvements in assembly techniques as we work to provide both quality and value.

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