Our 6500 square foot manufacturing area is environmentally controlled for optimum quality performance. Antistatic devices consisting of conductive floor mats, individually grounded workbenches.   Wrist/heel straps and ground testers protect printed circuit board assemblies and components from  electro-static damage.


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  * MPM SP200 Solder Printer, up to 18" x 18"
  * Amistar 5500 Pick and Place
  * Through PLCC 84, Fine Pitch (25 Mil)
  * BTU 8 Zone IR Reflow Oven
  * Hollis Astra 16 Wave Solder
  * B&L and  Nikon Zoom stereo microscopes

Hand Solder - Surface  Mount

  * Ungar 4700 SMC/IC Removal/Reflow system
  * Hakko Leister Hot Air Convection Guns
  * Hakko Thermo Meter

  *  Unique-Industries Vap-Cleen degreaser

Hand  Solder - Through Hole

  * OK SA-5201 Solder Fountain
  * Amtex, Edsyn Soldering Irons
  * Solder & MBT Aid Desoldering System

Material  Preparation

PCB Pre-Assembly
  * Precision Oven
  * Heller, Metro bake ovens
  * Hepco lead Cutter
  * Hadco lead former
  * Hepco Axial lead cut & form machine
  * Hepco DIP lead forming machine

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